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About Atlantis Beach House

A place to relax in the middle of Willemstad with a clear blue view of the ocean.

Welcome to the enchanting Atlantis Beach House – a hidden gem nestled along the pristine coastline. With its grand opening for vacation rentals, this exclusive retreat invites you to immerse yourself in the lap of relaxation.


Formerly a rental complex for other purposes, now full renovated and re-introduced for discerning travelers. The Atlantis Beach House - Apartments Has been renovated and now opening their doors to discerning travelers seeking an unforgettable getaway. Choose between a Standard Apartment or a Penthouse, both just steps from the sparkling waters.

Another beautiful gem we offer is: The Atlantis Beach House - Villa. Nestled along the ocean where the gentle waves of the ocean are on the edge of the villa. Formally known as a rental villa. Now, as Atlantis Beach House, a complete villa that can be rented as one villa for 12 persons or a half villa for 6 persons. 

And so, the journey of Atlantis Beach House began. With every gentle crash of the waves against its foundations, the beach house whispered stories of its inception, stories of a dream that dared to embrace the beauty of the world and weave it into the fabric of everyday life.

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